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cosmeceuticals and nano-cosmeceuticals in skincare

Cosmeceuticals are non-medicinal active topicals. Cosmeceuticals containing non-restricted active ingredients or actives such as vitamins are treatment cosmeceuticals. Cosmeceuticals where actives are formulated into vehicles are intra-dermal cosmeceuticals. Cosmeceuticals where actives are formulated with nano-technology or into nano-vehicles are nano-cosmeceuticals.

Nano-cosmeceuticals contain ingredients that are beneficial in categories where medicinals may not be beneficial. Cosmeceuticals may be one of the few industries where product performance is routinely understated by its claims.

Nano-cosmeceuticals are the most innovative, daring, and pioneering category in topicals. Nano-cosmeceuticals are the most dynamic exploration ground for botanicals and other natural ingredients nano-formulated as building blocks of nano-cosmeceuticals.

Some of our cosmeceuticals are available for online sale through our cosmeceuticals shop, where you can select and purchase skincare in retail sizes and quantities.

For more information about cosmeceuticals and nano-cosmeceuticals, see our home page and our product information page.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and obtain a current price quotation.

To learn more about the science behind our nanotechnologies vehicles, and advanced formulations, please visit our learning pages.


Elsom Research business-to-business services include custom formulation and private label manufacturing.

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