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topicals and nano-topicals in skincare

Nano-topicals or nano-topical formulations are topicals formulated with nanotechnologies.

Nano-topicals can be medicinals, skin care, or cosmetic formulations that are applied onto skin and are made with nanometer-range particles formulated to absorb or permeate the skin; thus they are referred to as nano-topicals.

Nano-topicals may contain active ingredients or actives that are enhanced by the nanotechnology implemented in formulating them. In nano-topicals, aesthetic problems such as natural ingredients’ odor and color can be modulated and attenuated. Pore clogging is eliminated due to the tiny size of particles using nano-topicals.

Topicals and nano-topicals can be formulated in various consistencies including creams, lotions, and serums. Topicals and nano-topicals bases can consist of oil, water, oil-in-water emulsion, and water-in-oil emulsion.

For more information about topicals and nano-topicals, see our home page and our product information page.

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To learn more about the science behind our nanotechnologies vehicles, and advanced formulations, please visit our learning pages.


Elsom Research business-to-business services include custom formulation and private label manufacturing.

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