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Very small liposomes. Our Nanosomes are formulated into natural vitamin-enriched anti-aging serum as intradermal and transdermal delivery systems.
Nano-dispersions, nano-emulsions, and nanometer-range liposomes formulated into our proprietary vehicles as double-emulsion technology for intradermal and transdermal delivery.
Nano-encapsulation, nano-vehicles, complexing technology, intradermal and transdermal delivery systems.

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Zema-Nil: Skin Care for People with Eczema

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General Description:
is a unique high-impact non-medicinal skin care formulation for people with eczema. Eczema is a widespread problem and many people suffer from eczema with various degrees of severity. In some cases, eczema can cause a decline in well-being and self-esteem as sufferers may be preoccupied with avoiding exposure of affected areas to other people. Such efforts may be deterrents from normal life routines. Eczema is often associated with microbial proliferation that may aggravate the problem. Zema-Nil contains anti-microbial components which may prolong its useful stay on the skin by protecting the formula from microbial contamination. Zema-Nil may also contain components which can improve and accelerate resurfacing of new fresh looking skin.

Key ingredients and nano-structures
Zema-Nil include:

  • nano-Dispersicles™
  • anti-oxidant vitamins
  • anti-bacterial components
  • skin resurfacing agents
  • aromatic essential oils

formulated with our digital array technology.

is designed to care for and beautify the skin of people who suffer from eczema on skin or nails, including partially-detached yellow, brown, or black or twisted nails. Affected skin areas and nails will look fresh and healthy in about two-four weeks. Blemishes will cease to be deterrents to normal conduct of life. Regrowing of new, normal-looking nails is a natural process and may take several months. Apply Zema-Nil twice a day. Before applying Zema-Nil clean the area thoroughly with mild soap. You can apply TalEden on skin between Zema-Nil applications or 15 minutes after Zema-Nil application for daily skin maintenance.

Keep this product out of the reach of children. In some individuals the activity of Zema-Nil on skin may be accompanied by a tingling sensation that dissipates after several minutes.
Though a tingling sensation is normal, tingling should never be accompanied by redness or inflammation. To test for sensitivity, apply Zema-Nil to the back of your hand. If your skin turns red you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients and should stop using it immediately. Zema-Nil
should not come in contact with eyes or mucous membranes. If Zema-Nil enters your eyes, flush with water (luke-warm water from a shower head is best) for 5 minutes. In case you have any doubt or if you are undergoing any medical anti-eczema treatment, always consult your physician.

Natural skin care cosmeceuticals by Elsom Research are formulated with nano-encapsulation and nano-emulsion technologies. Our natural creams, lotions, and serums are comprised of vitamins, anabolic factors, and other beneficial ingredients.

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