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Derma Topicals are topical formulations including natural skin care, cosmeceuticals, anti-aging serum, anti-wrinkle cream, moisturizing lotion, vitamin lotion, and other para-pharmaceuticals.
with our proprietary
Very small liposomes. Our Nanosomes are formulated into natural vitamin-enriched anti-aging serum as intradermal and transdermal delivery systems.
Nano-dispersions, nano-emulsions, and nanometer-range liposomes formulated into our proprietary vehicles as double-emulsion technology for intradermal and transdermal delivery.
Nano-encapsulation, nano-vehicles, complexing technology, intradermal and transdermal delivery systems.

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ChromaTone: for Brightening and Toning Skin

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We have suspended most retail sales until August 1, 2014.
If you have been a retail customer, please contact us and we will work with you to make special arrangements.

General Description:
with kojic acid and alpha hydroxy is a skin balancer, designed as a skin brightening and resurfacing booster. New skin will look equalized, toned and fine tuned. Improvement may start looking visible within five-10 days but with each complete cycle of skin resurfacing skin tone will look improved. One natural skin renewal cycle is normally completed within about one month.

Key ingredients and nano-structures
ChromaTone include:

  • anti-oxidant vitamins
  • aloe vera
  • arbutin
  • kojic palmitate
  • azelaic acid
  • aromatic essential oil of lavender

formulated with our Digital Array Technology.

For unevenly colored skin; for freckles, aging spots and spots of dark coloration, select ChromaTone for bright and equalized looking skin tone. Do not use on spots that are not at skin level (bulging or depressed from skin level) or on areas that are moist or are on skin that is not intact or on spots with irregular shape or colors. Consult a dermatologist about such spots and inquire about the use of ChromaTone. You can apply TalEden on other skin areas and also on top of areas where you applied ChromaTone after 15 minutes for daily skin maintenance.

Keep this product out of the reach of children. To test for sensitivity, before applying to your face apply ChromaTone to the back of your hand. If your skin turns red you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients and should stop using it immediately. In case of doubt, always consult your physician.

Natural skin care cosmeceuticals by Elsom Research are formulated with nano-encapsulation and nano-emulsion technologies. Our natural creams, lotions, and serums are comprised of vitamins, anabolic factors, and other beneficial ingredients.

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