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We have been collecting feedback from our customers for as long we have had customers, since 1997. We have enjoyed having a customer base that feels free to ask questions and share opinions, so we have accumulated quite a large stack of email, faxes, and handwritten notes sent directly to us; we are also aware of many other comments, ratings, and reviews which customers themselves have published on the Web. We know that potential customers want to hear what current customers have said, so we are using this page to share part of our extensive collection of customer feedback. There is much more where this came from; you may be able to find some of it yourself as you search the Web, or please contact us if you would like to know more about any particular product or about our policies and procedures. As you'll see below, we create top-quality skincare and back it up with excellent customer service.

The customer feedback listed here is organized into several categories:

Google Checkout "Seller Ratings"

Google Checkout is currently one of two providers of credit card services available to our online shoppers. Google Checkout's "seller ratings" aren't as helpful to shoppers as they could be, since they don't ask every shopper for a review (sometimes shutting down the entire process for extended periods) and, of the reviews they do collect, they only publish a small sample. Of course, not everyone who is asked for a review provides one, as usual in such consumer rating processes. That's not a problem for us: we know that our customer's aren't shy, and often contact us directly with questions and comments; we are glad that we have excellent ongoing feedback about how we are doing, and we are as responsive to that feedback as we can be. Potential shoppers, though, might like to know more than can be gleaned from the few reviews published by Google Checkout. As the merchant, we have access to all of our own Google Checkout reviews even when shoppers can't find them; we can't link you directly to that page, so what we offer here is a snapshot as of November 27, 2009. We've edited the reviews to remove shoppers' identifying information; if we know why a shopper was not completely satisfied, we've added a note as to our understanding of what went wrong. We will post an updated snapshot as frequently as we can.

I made a mistake with my shipping address and they made the adjustment and cleared the order within minutes and I had my order in 3 days. Calmingen Dec 13, 2009
(no comment given) Vellus Hair Kit Nov 25, 2009
always fast reliable service and the best products available. highly recommended. Micellarin Green, NanoSoft Oct 12, 2009
(no comment given) Nanosomin, Nano-Meláno, DeLine, DermaDream Oct 5, 2009
(no comment given) TalEden Aug 20, 2009
Always fast and reliable service, never any problems for 5 years. highly recommended Nanosomin, TalEden, Morning Glory, Lavender Dream Aug 18, 2009
Excellant Giga-C July 2, 2009
Always positive. dr yechiel is a leader in his field and yet will always engage in a conversation and answer all questions promptly and thoroughly regarding his products and related topics as well. highly recommended. Calmingen, Nano-Meláno, Morning Glory, Lavender Dream June 21, 2009
Prompt Shipment, Prompt response to my emails, Excellent Service. NanoScalp Women May 27, 2009
I really love ordering from this company. The fact that you can find such cutting edge anti-aging skin care online is amazing! I found ordering to be an exciting and fun experience with the "Formulator". I am able to not only enjoy a great selection of active ingredients, but to know they are actually getting a chance to work on the skin with a futuristic delivery system. Elsom is Awesome! custom skincare topical Mar 2, 2009
Dr Yechiel is a leader in the field of nanosomal delivery systems so the products from Elsom Research are world-class. In addition, the service is fast and has always been accurate. Lastly, any time I have ever had questions regarding a product or a specific condition that I would like to treat, Dr Yechiel has always returned my emails promptly and has offered his opinion and expertise in great detail. I have recommended the products to many friends and all have had similar experiences. Nanosomin, Calmingen, Morning Glory, TalEden Feb 8, 2009
(no comment given) TalEden
Jan 22, 2009
(no comment given)
Note:This shopper complained of paying a very high Customs duty in Switzerland.
NanoScalp Men, C-Level, DermaDream
Nov 30, 2008
This is a very organized and well managed company. I asked a questions and the doctor himself answered me back and in detail. I felt overjoyed. Not only the products are wonderful. Their customer service is totally 5 stars. One time a exchanged one product to another product. They ship the product the same day and I receive it the second day. Can you believe it? I love this company and their products. DeLine Green, TalEden, Nanosomin
Nov 29, 2008
Always a good experience. The products and the service are second to none. Equisomin, DeLine Green, DermaDream, Lipol, Nanosomin, TalEden, Micellarin Green
Nov 27, 2008
Great experience all the way around! I look forward to buying products from this company again. custom scalpcare batch
Nov 13, 2008
First Rate Giga-C, EquiClear, NanoFibrin
Oct 31, 2008
This is a jewel of a store. The products' quality are wonderful and effective. Their shipment is prompt (I literally receive the product the second day). They always enclose a little sample product as gift with each order which is very generous. I love this store and will continue purchasing from them on a very long term basis. Giga-C
Oct 29, 2008
(no comment given) NanoScalp Women, Giga-C, Nanosomin
Oct 26, 2008
(no comment given) JuveLine, Micellarin Green
Aug 27, 2008
(no comment given) custom scalpcare topical
Aug 23, 2008
excellent service, fast shipping, good products- thx! JuveLine, NanoScalp Men
Aug 16, 2008
The service is always prompt and any and all questions i have ever had are answered by the president of the company himself, who also designed all of the products. in fact, the answers are more akin to a discussion rather than simple one sentence reply. from my experience, this is one of a kind service. Nanosomin, JuveLine, MorningGlory, TalEden,Micellarin Green, ZormaZor, Giga-C
Aug 13, 2008
(no comment given) Micellarin Green
Aug 12, 2008
I am pleased with the products and especially the EquiClear. [...] Thanks for your help, and I will continue to order from you in the future. EquiClear
Aug 11, 2008
(no comment given) Giga-C, NanoFibrin, NanoScalp Men
Aug 8, 2008
(no comment given) Juveline, Micellarin Green
Aug 4, 2008
fast reliable service every time and every question imaginable is answered by the president of the company. highly recommended to both family and friends. Micellarin Green, MorningGlory, Calmingen
Jul 22, 2008
It took very long for my package to arrive. But their support was good. They always answer quickly on my emails.
Note: Elsom Research shipped this package the day it was ordered; delay was caused by Customs processing in the Netherlands.
NanoScalp Men, JuveLine, Micellarin Green
Jul 18, 2008
(no comment given) custom scalpcare topical
Jul 7, 2008
(no comment given) JuveLine
Jun 30, 2008
(no comment given) custom scalpcare topical
Jun 9, 2008
will buy again NanoScalp Men
Jun 9, 2008
(no comment given) Calmingen, Tela-Nil
May 27, 2008
(no comment given) custom scalpcare topical
May 26, 2008
Excellent Service, my product was shipped out and received immediately. NanoScalp Men
May 22, 2008
fantastic advice and service, exceptional products, and fast shipping Micellarin Green
May 21, 2008
(no comment given) JuveLine, ZormaZor Basic
Mar 4, 2008
very responsive, great products. custom scalpcare topical
Jan 22, 2008

An ever-changing subset of this list is also available directly from Google as "seller ratings".

Forum Postings

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You are likely to find comments about specific Elsom Research products in the Topical Formulations Forum, which we sponsor.

Electronic Mail

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Faxes and Paper Mail

Some of these are difficult to read, so we've offered a transcript where that might help.

my skin looks healthier than ever before

Eli says it's the liposomes. I say who cares, it works!

Transcription of hand-written note:

I said "Make me young again" and so Eli whipped up some cream for my face

Now I can pass for thirty-five!

He's so smart!

Eli says it's the Liposomes
I say "Who cares? It works!"

the most remarkable results including the disappearance of sun-damaged skin under my eyes

I was lost and now I'm found because of Eli's cream.

Transcription of hand-written note:

I was Lost and now I'm Found

Because of Eli's Cream

wrinkles are receding and my skin is more plump with moisture

Transcription of fax:

I have been using Mr. Yechiel's treatment cream for one month. Having a retail store I am constantly exposed to the ever present "new miracle cure." But this product is truly amazing.

In the first week's use I noticed an evening out of the skin. Oily areas showed significant shrinkage in the size of pores. Dry areas exfoliated heavily to reveal smooth skin underneath. This alone is great buth there is more.

At three and a half weeks, I noticed that two colorless moles on the side of my nose had almost completely disappeared. Another area on my face that with my lack of knowledge I can only describe as a pore that was "shut down" leaving a grayish spot underneath the surface of the skin has come back to life.

At four and a half weeks I honestly believe wrinkles are receding and my skin is more plump with moisture.

Mr. Yechiel has obviously come upon something quite remarkable.


We love Elsom Products and wish that you offered them in vat sizes so we could swim in them

I had a large wart on the palm of my hand and tried lots of things to remove it. Then I tried Nanosomin Serum by Elsom Research & after a few weeks it disappeared.

Transcription of hand-written note:

I had a large wart on the palm of my hand and tried lots of things to remove it. Then I tried Nanosomin Serum by Elsom Research & after a few weeks it disappeared.


The texture is significantly more smooth and soft. And I have noticed a decrease in size of lines around my eye area.

In one jar...

...I've found the answer to all my skin problems. My pores have diminished, my skin texture is 'fresh and dewy', the tone of my skin is balanced

Transcription of hand-written note:

I have been using - with the exclusion of other skin-care products - the Nannosomin skin treatment cream made my Elishalom Yechiel since June of 1997.

Having suffered with adolescent acne; a severely oily then extremely dry skin; large pores; and scars left by the acne, I can truly say that since the age of eleven, I've tried every over-the-counter and every prescription-only pill, medicine, and skin product.

In one jar - the Nannosomin Cream - I've found the answer to all my skin problems.

My pores have diminished, my skin texture is "fresh and dewy", the tone of my skin is balanced.

As one who has never received compliments on her skin - I'm still taken by surprise when friends & family tell me my face looks great.


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