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Formulating Natural Skincare and Nano-Skincare
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natural skincare and nano-skincare

Natural skincare recipes have been known since antiquity. Modern technology can empower natural skincare formulae and potentiate their activity and penetration. Skincare formulae combining ancient philosophies with experimental science, and streaming knowledge of the ages with modern formulation technology, is a recent trend in natural skincare. Our natural skincare is made with advanced proprietary nano-technologies, applying current technologies to the best ideas of the past and creating futuristic formulations in nano-skincare.

Skincare made with natural ingredients is natural skincare. Natural skincare is skin care based on materials derived from natural resources, preferably botanicals or plant material and to a lesser degree from mineral-derived or animal-derived materials. Natural skin care may include synthetic ingredients which are identical to those existing in nature but are too scarce to harvest, or for which the harvest may deplete rare plants. Natural skincare is expected to be bio-friendly, gentle to skin and with quality that surpasses that of non-natural skincare.

In our natural skincare and nano-skincare, we implement proprietary nanotechnology in formulating natural ingredients into nano-natural-skincare.

For more information about skincare and natural skincare, see our home page and our product information page.

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To learn more about the science behind our nanotechnologies and advanced formulations, please visit our learning pages.


Elsom Research business-to-business services include custom formulation and private label manufacturing.

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