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Here are some of the things people often want to know about our products. If you are curious about something not mentioned here, please contact us. You are also invited to read our collection of technical literature and, if your question is about our online cosmeceuticals shop rather than about the cosmeceuticals themselves, visit our Shopping Help page.

Can I wear makeup while using Elsom Research products?

Most makeup is quite unhealthy, blocking pores and upsetting skin's natural oil/moisture balance. Makeup also competes with skin for anything else applied to the surface of skin: if you apply a moisturizer and then a powder-based foundation, the powder will absorb the moisturizer and hold it away from the skin. However, most women are not willing to go without makeup, so a compromise must be reached. Elsom Research products are formulated to be quickly absorbed, so you can get their benefits by giving them just a few minutes to work before you apply makeup. For example, apply Nanosomin to clean skin; then go do something else, such as brushing your teeth or getting dressed; then apply makeup. Please do make sure to always wash makeup from your face before adding anything to your skin.

Why do Elsom Research product labels say "do not mix with non-Elsom products"?

We assume you are interested in our products because you expect them to have some good effect on your appearance. We have chosen and combined our ingredients carefully to be as beneficial as possible, alone or in combination with our other products; by adding another product (for example, by using our vitamin serum but someone else's moisturizer), you are adding an unknown set of ingredients and we have no way to predict or compensate for their impact; you are likely to find that neither product is as effective as it could be. If you must use a product from another manufacturer, please at least avoid the many products containing mineral oil, which is very unhealthy for skin.

Why are Elsom Research products such a variety of colors? Shouldn't a good skin-care product be pearly white or pastel pink?

Our product colors are the natural result of the combination of their ingredients. Vitamin B, for example, has a beautiful reddish-orange color; other ingredients are golden or greenish or pale blue. We could make our products white if we heavily diluted our ingredients or if we added bleaches or dyes; we do none of those things. As a result, you get products that look like what they are: honest and natural, and full of healthy ingredients selected for their beneficial properties rather than their superficial effects on product color.

Why aren't there photos of your products on your websites?

Our expertise is in designing effective topical formulations, not in creating pretty packaging. Like everyone else, we sometimes admire a pretty bottle for its own sake, but a pretty bottle is not a reason to choose one skin care product or another. We recommend buying cosmeceuticals based on what's inside the bottle: the ingredients and techniques use to create that formulation. We are not a packaging company and, while we know that most makers of skin care products typically display pretty pictures of their products' packaging as a means of enticing consumers, we prefer not to do that. Our products are our formulations, not the containers we put them in; we haven't yet come up with a meaningful way to show the product itself (a puddle of liquid?) outside of its packaging.

What does Elsom Research retail packaging look like?

We package our retail products into very simple, readily-available stock packaging. Depending upon the nature of the formulation, that may mean amber glass bottles with treatment pumps (appropriate for serums), or plastic squeeze bottles (appropriate for shampoos), or wide-mouth jars (appropriate for thick creams). We package all retail products into containers chosen for two purposes: protecting the product from damage; making the product convenient for the consumer to use. Our retail product labels are black-on-white, minimal and effective: each label identifies the product and its size, provides basic instructions, and lists ingredients. We've been told that our packaging has a "medicinal" look; you are welcome to see some examples and decide for yourself.

Can I get a free sample?

Unless we are working with you on a business-to-business basis to develop a custom batch, private label, or other special project, probably not; shipping and packaging costs are just too high. We do, however, offer inexpensive starter sizes of our most popular retail products. Also: yes, the rumor is true, we very often do add a free sample along with a retail order, but this is not something you can count on. It depends on what we have handy when we are packaging your order; since we prefer to make frequent small batches rather than stockpiling inventory, if we have one last lonely bottle waiting for a home, then we just might send it to yours. So, you could get lucky and find a free bonus gift that is just what you've always wanted; if you just have to have it, though, your best bet is to order that product.

How are custom or private label orders packaged?

We will work that out together as we plan your project. If, as we recommend, you choose to have us deliver your formulated product as bulk material, for you to package yourself or send to a specialized packaging company, we will ship it in a drum or pail or other container appropriate to its size and the nature of its contents. If, for an additional cost which we will negotiate, you choose to have us package your material into retail-size jars and bottles, we will either use our stock retail packaging or, if it is compatible with our filling equipment, custom packaging which you provide.

How does the online cosmeceuticals shop work?

Please read the Shopping Help page, or just enter the shop and browse around.

Is there an easy way to search ALL the Elsom Research sites?

Yes! Try our Google Search Gadget, customized to search all our sites:


Natural skin care cosmeceuticals by Elsom Research are formulated with nano-encapsulation and nano-emulsion technologies. Our natural creams, lotions, and serums are comprised of vitamins, anabolic factors, and other beneficial ingredients.
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