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If you are interested in topical formulations not listed here, please contact us.

We are proud to sponsor the Journal of Topical Formulations (ISSN 1554-0197) an online journal on Formulation, Processing, Intra-Dermal and Trans-Dermal Vehicles, Nano-Encapsulation, Nano-Emulsion;
Topical Medicinals, OTC, Skincare, Naturals, Cosmeceuticals, and NanoBioTech.

We are custom formulators.
In addition to the products listed here, many others are available; we are also happy to design a special batch for you.



Thank you for your interest in Elsom Research. We are custom formulators and manufacturers of high-vitamin, botanical-enriched, scientifically-sound cosmeceuticals for care of all kinds of skin, including face, scalp, hands, feet, and body. Our specialty oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions and nano-technologies are ideal not only for use in skincare, but in topical medicinal applications and food and drink ingredients. For spas, clinics, and salons, we can manufacture custom private-label batches as small as 2Kg (4.4 lbs); using our custom micro-batch formulation technology, consumers can select their own ingredients to personalize a 55gr (2oz) bottle or jar via The-Formulator.

Our most popular cosmeceuticals and skincare products include:

Nano-Technology Skin Care

Our New Equilibrium Cosmeceuticals are high-vitamin skin care with ingredients focused on special requirements such as anti-aging, anti-line, anti-wrinkle, anabolizers, and balancers. Our New Buoyance Theraceuticals are gentle skin care for exceptionally delicate skin, such as skin damaged by diabetes or cancer treatments. Our New Reflection Dermaceuticals support skin that is struggling with a variety of difficulties such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, whiteheads, blackheads, and spider veins.

 Ac-Nil for Skin with Acne or Rosacea
 Anabolin for Skin Stressed by Intense Exercise
 Blue-Shadow for Dark Circles and Puffiness Around Eyes
 ChromaTone for Skin Tone Balance
 DeCrease for Deep Creases and Wrinkles
 DeLine and DeLine Green for Fine Lines around Eyes
 DermaDream for Skin with Blackheads or Whiteheads
 Lipol for Lip Moisture
 LipoRestore for the Skin Barrier
 Micellarin Dream Rich Facial Hybrid Cleanser
 Nano-Meláno Skin Cream for Dark Spots
 NanoSoft Emollient Facial Cleanser
 Nanosomin Serum for Anti-Aging Effects
 Psori-Nil for Skin with Psoriasis
 RenaVit for Skin Damaged By Cancer Treatment
 ReviVit for Skin Damaged by Diabetes
 TalEden and TalEden Plus Cream for Oil/Moisture Balance
 Tela-Nil Diminishing the Appearance of Spider Veins
 Zema-Nil for Skin with Eczema

Cosmeceuticals Compatible with Both Skin and Scalp

Scalp, covering the top and back of the head, has a great deal in common with facial skin at the front of the head; both are exposed to similar environmental stresses, observers evaluate both in estimating a person's age, and both can benefit from application of supportive topicals to remain flexible and youthful-looking. Several of our cosmeceuticals are designed to be compatible with and beneficial to the skin of both face and scalp:

 EquiDerm for Even Skin/Scalp Texture
 Giga-C for Skin/Scalp Renewal
 LinoCare for Skin/Scalp Elasticity
 NanoFibrin for Skin/Scalp Resurfacing
 NanoReversitol Anti-Aging Cream with Resveratrol for Skin and Scalp
 NanoRoyal for Skin/Scalp Agility
 QuantumLipo with Krill-Derived Nanosomes for Skin and Scalp
 V.V.N.P. Anti-Aging Cream for Heavily-Wrinkled Skin and Under-Performing Scalp

Visit to learn more about our project to develop cosmeceuticals supporting all the skin areas of the head.

Nano-Technology Scalp Care

Our scalp care serums, creams, and shampoo work in synergy, applying our anti-aging nano-technologies to support healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Save $100 with our six-month Scalp Renewal Regimen Kit, save $15 with our Vellus Hair Kit, save $7 with our Grey Hair Care Kit, or choose individual cosmeceuticals:

 CalmingenCalming Leave-In Conditioner
 Dander-Nil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Additive
 EquiClear Scalp Clarifying Serum
 Equisomin Endotherapeutic Hair Root Serum
 Hue-2 Leave-In Hair Hue Enhancing/Thickening Lotion
 JuveLineScalp Care for People with Receding Hairline
 Micellarin Fight Advanced Shampoo for Extreme Scalp Cleaning
 Micellarin Green Moisturizing Shampoo with PI Mixed Micelles
 Micellarin Hue Anti-Grey Shampoo for All Skin Colors
 NanoScalp Men®and NanoScalp Women® Scalp Care for People with Thinning Hair
 scalpXtreme Topical Bodybuilding for Scalp
 Terminal 1 Care for Vellus Hair
 Terminal 2 Care for Vellus Hair
 ZormaZor Scalp Booster

Vitamin-Enriched Simple Skin Care

In addition to the high-technology cosmeceuticals listed above, we have enjoyed developing these vitamin-rich basic moisturizers:

 Aloe-AHHH Cream to Cool and Soothe Over-Exposed Skin
 C-Level Skincare Cream with 10% VItamins C and E
 C-mphony Skincare Cream with 15% Vitamins C, E, and A
 Desert BloomHydrating Cream with Cactus Fruit
 ecLIPSWinter Cream for Lips
 HappySkin Light Skincare Lotion with 5% Vitamin C
 Lavender Dream Night After-Bath Moisturizing Milk with 5% Vitamin C
 Morning Glory Morning After-Bath Moisturizing Milk with 5% Vitamin C
 Neo-Knee Softening Lotion for the Rough Skin of Elbows, Knees, and Heels

Visit to learn more about our project to put poetry into skincare!

Our cosmeceuticals for care of skin, scalp, and hair are not medicines;
please read our Product Selection Guide.

incorporate features of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and state-of-the-art technologies.

COSMECEUTICALS = cosmetics + pharmaceuticals + technology

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Elsom Research topicals: manufacturing natural skin care, nano-cosmeceuticals, and natural topical formulations. Our skin care product lines are made from naturals and processed with nano-biotechnology - an innovative concept in nano-technology.

As complex as our anti-aging anti-wrinkle skin care cosmeceuticals are to manufacture, that’s how friendly they are to the skin care user. Our skin care is comprised of natural active ingredients. Actives are key features in our topicals.

Our nano-natural topicals, skin care, and cosmeceuticals formulations include anti-aging and anti-wrinkle lotion, cream, and serum. Our novel high-impact topical formulations, including natural skin care cosmeceuticals, are among the topicals we are inventing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing for the well-being and advancement of skin. Our topicals made from natural ingredients are defying age-related blemishes and wrinkles, and are compatible with skin blemished by acne, eczema, psoriasis, whiteheads or blackheads. Our products can reverse the dull appearance of aging skin and sustain the appearance of youth and vigor.

Our products are in the categories of: beauty and cosmetics, natural skin care, natural high-vitamin skin care and bodycare, anti-aging skin care, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and para-pharmaceuticals.

We are currently marketing our "New Equilibrium" anti-aging skin care cosmeceuticals line, our "New Reflection" anti-blemish skin care dermaceuticals line, and our "New Buoyance" restorative theraceuticals line.

Among our products made from natural ingredients are: novel anabolizers; moisturizers; anti-aging serum, lotion, and cream; formulations for people with wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, eczema, blackheads or whiteheads; specialty skin care formulations for people with very sensitive skin; skin care for diabetics ("diabetic skin care"); and skin care for cancer patients ("cancer skin care").

In making our products, we implement our proprietary technologies including nano-encapsulation, nano-dispersion, complexing, Nanosomes™ (nanometer-range liposomes), and nano-emulsion. We provide custom manufacturing, private label, and nanotechnology consulting. Some of our products are available for sale online.

Natural skin care cosmeceuticals by Elsom Research are formulated with nano-encapsulation and nano-emulsion technologies. Our natural creams, lotions, and serums are comprised of vitamins, anabolic factors, and other beneficial ingredients.

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