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scalpXtreme: Topical Bodybuilder for Scalp

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General Description:
scalpXtreme Topical Bodybuilder for Scalp is formulated with an extreme ingredient profile which resembles that used orally to support bodybuilders during an exercise program. This product is formulated as a topical with strong emphasis on the complexity of scalp tissue layers and their biochemistry.

Key ingredients in scalpXtreme Topical Bodybuilder for Scalp include:

  • Nanosomes™ (anti-aging, cell-membrane lipid modifiers and biochemical rejuvenators; interactive intra-dermal vehicles when introduced via IV or to isolated cells and tissues)
  • resveratrol (anabolic, anti-aging, arrestor of pre-mature cell appoptosis (programed cell death), and one of the most powerful anti-oxidants available when used orally)
  • saw palmetto extract (contains ingredients which are very supportive of balding scalp to carry on healthy functions when used orally)
  • caffeine (stimulant toner when used orally)
  • arginine (possible nitric oxide accellerator when used orally)
  • ethylcreatine-malate (a possible source of energy and endurance when used orally)
  • ferulic acid (chemically related to curcumin but without the strong yellow color; added in large concentration. A powerful anti-oxidant and UV absorber.)
  • gamma oryzanol (a natural oil-soluble form of ferulic acid-phytosterols congugate)
  • adenosine-alpha-keto-glutarate (metabolic anchoring)
  • Vitamin C (in an oil-soluble form)

in a concentrated cactus [Opuntia] fractionated extract formulation.

Once daily, massage into scalp.

The anabolic synergy among the ingredients in scalpXtreme will support scalp to its utmost performance.

scalpXtreme can be used as a stand-alone product and can also be used as part of a topical scalp regimen. It can be alternated on a daily basis with NanoScalp® and JuveLine™ in the following order: scalpXtreme™, JuveLine™, NanoScalp®, JuveLine™, scalpXtreme.

It may be ideal when JuveLine™ separates between NanoScalp® and scalpXtreme but other combinations between these three products will also be highly beneficial.

Keep this product out of the reach of children. To test for sensitivity, before applying to your scalp apply scalpXtreme to the back of your hand. If your skin turns red you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients and should stop using it immediately. In case of doubt, always consult your physician.

scalpXtreme Topical Bodybuilder for Scalp is available in a 55 gram (2.00 oz) bottle for an estimated 55 applications.

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