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NanoFibrin: Resurfacing Cream for Scalp and Skin

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General Description:
NanoFibrin is a unique high-impact non-medicinal skin and scalp care formulation suitable for people with hardened or fibrotic skin. This condition may interfere with skin's normal function as a selective barrier and may change the selectivity and responsivenes of skin to topical treatments or topical applications of nutrients. In addition, such hardening accumulation of fibers in a non-organized or cross-linked fashion can be a convenient incubator for bacteria and fungi, which acts to exacerbate the problem. Excessive bacterial infestation may cause or support skin irritation, acne, dandruff, and itchiness. When the hardening affects the scalp, it may perpetuate to the point that the scalp may not provide good support for hair roots; other skin may lose its long elastic fiber network to cross-link fibers with a network of wrinkles instead.
NanoFibrincontains keratolytic components which may reduce the dead layers of hardening skin buildup and give the skin a chance to re-establish the natural elongated collagen which gives it the elastic properties that make it look fresh and young. NanoFibrin is gentle and will not harm live skin layers. To support the process of building new collagen, you can also use our Giga-C with 20% vitamin C for synergistic and powerful combinatory attributes with NanoFibrin. Together they may help shed old buildup and support regeneration of beautiful and elastic skin or scalp.

Key ingredients and nano-structures in NanoFibrin Cream include:

  • alpha and beta hydroxy acids
  • nano-Dispersicles
  • anti-oxidant vitamins
  • anti-bacterial components
  • skin resurfacing agents
  • aromatic essential oils

formulated with our double-emulsion technology.

For the first week, apply daily. Afterward, apply once per week. If you also use Giga-C, use NanoFibrin and Giga-Con alternate days.

Clean the area of interest on skin or scalp and apply sufficient quantity of cream to the clean area so that the area is covered with a thin layer of cream. The product is highly concentrated; there is no need to apply more than the amount that covers the area of interest.
For use on scalp, the best time to apply NanoFibrin
is during a shower: shampoo and rinse thoroughly; apply NanoFibrin, massage it in until totally absorbed, and leave it in place 10-15 minutes; rinse it away and then shampoo a second time, removing the NanoFibrin by rinsing thoroughly and not by scrubbing. If you dry your hair with a towel, do not rub the towel on the area where NanoFibrinwas applied.
For use on other skin,
massage NanoFibrin in until totally absorbed. Leave it in place for 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly but do not scrub. When you dry your skin after NanoFibrin is rinsed off, avoid rubbing that skin area. If you dry the skin with a towel, pat it dry but do not
rub the towel on the area where NanoFibrinwas applied.

Keep this product out of the reach of children.
Test for sensitivity before applying to your skin or scalp. To test for sensitivity, apply NanoFibrin to the back of your hand for 10 minutes. If your skin turns red, you may be sensitive or allergic to one or more of the ingredients and should stop using it immediately. In case of doubt, always consult your physician.

Do not apply to broken or irritated skin.

Using your fingers to apply NanoFibrinmay cause callouses or other areas of hardened skin on your fingers to peel. Use plastic gloves on your hands to prevent possible skin peeling from frequent handling of NanoFibrin.

NanoFibrinis suitable for small areas of hardened or fibrotic skin in a variety of locations including scalp, face, hands, feet, elbows, and knees.

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