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JuveLine: for people with receding hairline

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General Description:
JuveLine is the newest addition to our scalp-care product line. JuveLine contains very high amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C in an oil-soluble configuration and has no feminizing ingredients.

With our advanced delivery system, we are able to enrich the skin with a gradient of ingredients from the topical and, while the ingredients keep traveling inward, it is possible to skip using the topical for a day or two and to use NanoScalp instead.

Key ingredients and nano-structures in JuveLine:

In addition to Vitamins A, E, and C, JuveLine includes botanicals which we extracted using our “Whole Extract” technology. This method allows the natural ingredient profile of the botanical to maintain the ingredients of interest alongside other ingredients which coexist naturally in the botanical. Among the botanicals are nettle root, pygeum bark, smilax root, and desert cacti extracts. These botanicals include ingredients which are of much interest for scalp care. In medicines, the extracts of nettle root and pygeum bark express strong anti-aromatase and anti-reductase activities and the cacti mucilage has some remarkable skin maintenance, wound healing, and collagen building properties, and smilax root contains ingredients which have anti-viral activities (including against the HIV virus), anti-bacterial activities, anti-scaling of skin and many other properties. In our scalp-care product JuveLine, the purpose of these botanicals is to improve the well-being of the scalp.

Other JuveLine ingredients, such as niacin and menthol, are used in medicinal preparations as vasodilators, increasing the blood flow. In our scalp care product JuveLine, they are used to add a cooling sensation, sometimes accompanied by a tingle to the scalp.

We also included nano-zinc-oxide and a stabilized form of copper (which we developed), which is also stable in the presence of nano-zinc.

Last but not least are phosphatidylcholine (anti-aging), cyclodextrin (nano-enclave), and ribose (a high energy supply and a critical building block in bio-systems).

Visit our "scalp care" forum for more
discussion of
JuveLine's ingredients.

Apply about 1 gram to damp hair. The product is highly concentrated; there is no need to apply more. Use the water that remains in your hair to help spread JuveLine around your scalp. You may feel that this small amount of JuveLine disappears quickly; this is because of its high penetration and non-greasiness and is not an indication that more material should be applied. Massage into scalp until totally absorbed. Spread any extra serum into your hair and allow to dry. You can blow dry or let it dry naturally. When you brush the hair after it dries, JuveLine will add a glow to your hair. Use two or three times a week; on days when JuveLineis not used, alternate with NanoScalp® .

Keep this product out of the eyes. Keep this product out of the reach of children.
To test for sensitivity, before applying to your scalp apply JuveLine to the back of your hand. If your skin turns red you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients and should stop using it immediately.
In case of doubt, always consult your physician.


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